• Solar Power

    The future of solar power is the future of home energy

    Solar has a high likelihood of powering homes in the future and this is because they are becoming more reliable and cheaper every year. The growth of the solar panels is happening at a double rate with the passing of every year and becoming more affordable. In America for instance, an approximate of 2 million homes are installed with solar panels. In the same country, there are plans to incorporate solar panels to a couple of its states. Just recently the state of California just passed a requirement that every new home should have a solar panel.

    It is agreeable that not all areas are as weather fortunate as California but most of the homes in the country can benefit and will benefit from solar energy.

    One big transformation of the solar energy systems that affects positively how people use solar at homes, is the utilisation of the solar battery. This is allowing the system to store the excess energy for later use. You don’t have to wait for the sun to shine so that you can use solar energy. Batteries nowadays are well-designed to store energy people can use at night. This is one big consideration for the idea of solar panel systems in future homes.

    The solar systems are even designed to export to the grid from solar energy generated.  Although these systems are made a little bit smaller than what is needed for 100% in the grid, it doesn’t mean that it will be impossible for homes to be completely off the grid. Normally, systems are designed to target 80 to 90% of power from solar. If these can be made to target 100%, it could help solar energy to become prevalent, even in coming years.

    It has become a crucial thing for renewables to have a way to store energy. Various ways of storing the solar energy exist but the most helpful at the moment is a Lithium-ion battery. This solar battery is similar to one in most phones but much larger. These can store energy during the sunny days, then be utilised once clouds pass over. Here is an innovation that will make future solar-powered homes a reality.

    Another thing that will see future homes successfully utilise solar are the systems that come with the solar battery. These are being made smarter as years go by. They can regulate the battery and even your home with different sensors that they come with. With a design that is aggressive on conserving energy, these systems have a high potential of powering homes in the future. The system can know the optimal temperature of your home and regulate it depending on utility rates and time of a day, saving people expenses.